Book notes

Knowledge compounds over time, which is why I'm building a collection of personal book notes I can refer to at any point to re-explore the insights.

This collection will be regularly updated as I add more notes to it.

These book notes include highlights merged with my thoughts - I'll usually connect an idea in the book to one I've come across somewhere else.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and Nat Eliason, two people I've learnt a lot from.



Business books generally aren't that practical. But not Rework. This is one of the most practical 'business' books I've come across. It's filled with lessons you can apply right now.

12 Rules for Life

An eye opening read by one of my favourite psychologists - the prolific Dr Jordan Peterson. I've learn more about myself and people from reading this book than I have reading any other book. Are there proper and meaningful ways to live? Peterson says yes. Here's to living a meaningful life.